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World Organization of Volcanic Observatories


VAAC Toulouse
Direction de la Prévison 
42, Avenue Gaspard Coriolis,
31057 Toulouse


Telephone:    +33 5 61 07 82 30 (24/7 - operations) 

                       +33 5 61 07 82 39 (administrative)

Telefax:         +33 5 61 07 82 54 (operations)
                       +33 5 61 07 82 09 (administrative)




The International Airways Volcano Watch (IAVW) was born under the aegis of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) to mitigate the hazard for a jet plane to encounter  volcanic ash clouds, which are a severe threat for aviation. In the frame of the IAVW, nine VAACs (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre) have been designated around the world to provide advisory messages regarding the location and expected motion of volcanic ash clouds.

The Toulouse VAAC area of responsibility covers main part of Europe -  including Mediterranean Sea -  Africa, and Middle East.



A map of  VAACs areas of responsibility may be found at:

Information updated July 2013

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