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Institut de Recherches Géologiques et Miniéres (IRGM)
Antenne de Recherches Géophysiques et Volcanologiques (ARGV)
BP 370 - Buea


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Dr. Ateba Bekoa (ARGV)

Dr. G.E. Ekodak (IRGM)

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3 geophysicists
2 technicians

ARGV is located in EKONA, a village situated 15 km from Buéa, the capital of the south-east province of Cameroon. The group was founded in 1984 and was temporarily installed in Kumba. A dedicated center was built in 1988 in Ekona and comprises a main building with 12 rooms for laboratory and office space and two lodging annexes with 3 bedrooms and a den each.

ARGV operates within the Institute for Geological and Mining Research and is in charge of the Geophysical program for the study and assessment of volcanological hazards.


Mount Cameroon is permanently monitored with a network of 6 telemetered seismic stations. Signals are interpreted in terms of magnitude and location of the earthquakes. Variations in the seismic activity in space and time is used for forecasting the eruptive activity of the volcano.

This network has temporarily been extended with stations in Yaoundé and Foumbot. However, the stations could not be serviced regularly and were returned to Ekona.

The seismic network is also used to monitor regional and distant earthquakes.


A gravimetric survey has been performed in the Mount Cameroon volcanic zone. Compilation of this data with existing surveys has allowed the preparation of a new gravimetric map for Cameroon. Aeromagnetic surveys, however fragmentary, have revealed the existence of unsuspected faults in the Foumban transcurrent zone.

Our studies are regularly published in specialised journals.

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