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(was 1802)
Instituto de Meteorologia
Rua C ao Aeroporto
1749-077 Lisboa

Telephone : (351) 21 848 39 61
Telefax : (351) 21 840 23 70
Telex : (404) 12742 DIRMET P
Director: Dr. António Costa Malheiro
Email :
Website :

President : Dr. António Costa Malheiro

Division of Seismology

Head of Division : Maria Luísa Senos

Scientific Staff :

Maria Justina Correia
L.C. Almeida
Isabel Abreu
José O. Areosa Pena
Jorge F. Cruz
Fernando carrilho
Dina Vales
José Costa Nunes
Dinora Ramalhete
Maria Emília Vasconcelos

Central office for observatories in the Azores :

Observatorio Afonso Chaves
Rua Mãe de Deus
9500 - Ponta Delgada
Azores - Portugal

Scientific Staff:

Panduronga X. Dessai


Monitoring seismic activity during volcanic eruptions.


Information updated   December 1996


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