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354006, 354010, 354020 
Observatorio Vulcanológico del INGEMMET (OVI)
Instituto Geológico Minero y Metalúrgico (INGEMMET)
Barrio Magisterial No.2. B-16

Umacollo, Arequipa

Telephone : (01) 054-6189800 (151)
Telefax :
Director: Lionel Fidel Smoll
Email :
Websites :

Presidente INGEMMET
Susana Vilca Achata

Director Dirección de Geología Ambiental y Riesgo
Lionel Fidel Smoll

Coordindor OVI
Marco Rivera Porras

Jefe de Monitoreo de volcanes del INGEMMET
Domingo Ramos Palomino

Domingo Ramos, Geophysics
Roger Machacca, Seismology
Beto Ccallata, Seismology
Mayra Ortega, Seismology
Rosa Anccasi, Seismology
Pablo Masias, Geochemist
Fredy Apaza, Geochemist
Edú Taipe, Geodesy
Rafael Miranda, Geodesy
Javier Calderón, Electronic and Visual
Dino Enriquez, Electronic
Juan Ramos, Electronic
Guido Núñez, Informatics
Marco Rivera, Geologist
ersy Mariño, Geologist
Luisa Macedo, Geologist COMCOM
5 x students

The Volcanological Observatory of the INGEMMET (OVI) is a goverment institution that has been operating since 2006, formally created on 21 March 2013 by National Supreme Decree.

The OVI belongs to the "Dirección de Geología Ambiental y Giesgo Geólogico" (DGAR) of the Institute Geológico Minero y Metalúrgico" (INGEMMET) and is ascribed to "Ministerio de Energía y Minas" of Peru.  It is a center of study to the Geological Survey of Perú:

The objectives of the OVI highlight the multidisciplinary methods of monitoring the 12 active volcanoes that exist in Perú (seismic, geochemical, geodetic and visuals). Information is centered on only three volcanoes: Sabancaya, Misti, and Ubinas (southern Perou).  The information is reported weekly to local authorities.

Ubinas crater.


Misti Crater

Information updated 5/5/2015    

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