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WOVOdat: A volcano monitoring database

One day COV8 pre-meeting workshop (8 September 2014)

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COV8 Abstract submission deadline: 14 April 2014
COV8 Early registration deadline: 31 May 2014

 WOVOdat is the World Organization of Volcano Observatories’ (WOVO’s) database of worldwide volcano unrest.  Historical monitoring data are compiled into common formats to make them freely web-accessible for reference during volcanic crises, comparative studies, and basic research on pre-eruption processes. WOVOdat will be to volcanology as an epidemiological database is to medicine.

During periods of volcanic unrest, forecasting of further activity is aided by knowledge of previous activity (data) at the restless volcano and knowledge of unrest and eruptions at similar volcanoes. Having data ready in hand is indispensable. For example, if a volcanologist responding to a crisis asks, "Where/when has unrest like (the present) been seen before, and what happened?” WOVOdat can provide that information. 

Advances in volcano monitoring during the past few decades have resulted in significantly increased volumes of data. Volcano observatories need to archive and be able to retrieve those data efficiently, to compare past unrest at each volcano to its present activity. If one is to compare present unrest to past activity of analogous volcanoes, those data must be stored in a centralized database for ease of Boolean searches and quick retrieval.   

An advantage of the WOVOdat structure is that it can accept almost all existing types of monitoring data and can accommodate new fields as needed. At most volcanoes, not all fields will be filled but available data can be captured.    

In this workshop we will introduce WOVOdat, an open source database which is being developed by and for the volcano monitoring community, as a reference tool during volcanic crisis and for basic research on pre-eruption processes. 

This will be a one-day workshop that includes: 

- An overview of WOVOdat (database schema and data format)

- A tutorial and practice on using WOVOdat: submitting data, data query and data visualization tools.

This is a free and open workshop. We invite volcano observatory staff, researchers and students who are handling volcano monitoring data to participate in this workshop. 

To register to this workshop, email to:

Maximum participants: 40 persons (priority for registrants from WOVO observatories)

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The conveners:

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