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International Volcanic Ash Task Force

The International Volcanic Ash Task Force formed in 2010 and WOVO has held a position with associated advisor to the Task Force. Dr Chris Newhall is the designated WOVO representative, with Dr Peter Webley (WOVO co-chair) as his advisor.

The next International Volcanic Ash Task Force meeting is in Feberuary 2012, and updates on the meeting and subsequent meetings will be posted.

Information on the International Volcanic Ash Task Force can be found at the link below

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Volcanic Observatories

Considering that volcano observatory information is crucial for aviation, that one-third of all potentially explosive volcanoes worldwide are not monitored on a continuous basis and that operation of volcanic observatories often reside in scientific/academic research domain and/or for State-level civil/public contingency, the VACT agreed as follows:

The Challenge Team members will lobby selected States together with ICAO to ensure adequate volcano monitoring and communication links to the aviation community, in particular in areas with active volcanoes.  This may be done through the World Organization of Volcano Observatories and the World Meteorological Organization/International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics.

Action: ICAO to initiate the process by end September 2011.