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WOVOdat PARAMETERS -- draft 9Jan04  
  This following worksheets outline the parameters that are currently planned for inclusion in WOVOdat
Worksheet Name Individual worksheets to follow:
Volcano Volcano characteristics that remain more or less constant
Eruption Eruption and eruptive phase characteristics
Seismic Seismic unrest, mostly catalog data
Geodetic Geodetic changes (including GPS, EDM, tilt, strainmeter, InSAR)
Thermal Thermal changes (including spot measurements, heat flux, thermal images)
Hydro Water well levels, spring discharge, Temp, pH, and chemical analyses of waters
Gas Gas flux, gas ratios, chemical analyses of the gas
PotentialFields Gravity, magnetic, and electrical data
Inferred process Processes suggested by previous workers. These are NOT established facts; just prior interpretations
AdditionalTables Reference, contacts, and a standard instrument table
  Each worksheet will include:
Attribute The attribute name as it will appear in the database (see naming convention below)
Attribute name The anticipated data field name (some will be lightly populated)
Description A description of the attribute
Format units or other format information - all numbers expressed as decimals are stored as float in the database. The units here show the format for how data should be entered into the database.
Comments Comments or questions about the attribute
  Naming Convention ab_cde_fgh
a Category - seismic (s), deformation (d), gas (g), thermal (t), hydrologic (h), volcano (v), inferred processes (I), potential fields (f), common (c ), junction (j)
b Table type - data (d), station information (s), instrument (i), network (n), bibliographic (b), contact (c ), junction (j)
cde Subcategory, if necessary - gps (gps), tilt (tlt), tremor, (trm), gravity (gra). CO2 flux (co2), etc..
fgh* Attribute - latitude (lat), end point or final benchmark (fbm), description (desc), etc.
  Common abbreviations used in the attribute name
sti start time
fti end time
verr vertical error
asize approximate size (a is used for approximate)
nlat nominal latitude (n is used for nominal)
delev change in elevation (d for delta)

Last Updated on 1/12/2004
By chris newhall