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How to use the QuickEdit Feature

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Who's responsible for the QuickEdit module?

QuickEdit was originally written by Adam Crownoble. It is now a core module and is supported by the MODx community. If you have questions or comments about the module you can contact Adam directly or use the MODx forums.

What does QuickEdit do?

QuickEdit allows you to edit the content of your site right from the page. It's so simple, it makes editing a webpage about as complex as sending an email.

Why not just use the manager?

The manager is a very powerful tool but sometimes it's overkill for simple edits. Also, the manager can be very intimidating to the not-so-web-savvy.

How do I use QuickEdit?

There are currently three different methods for using QuickEdit links. Some are designed for ease, others are designed for flexibility. You can use any combination of the three methods in a page.

Tag Method

This is the simplest method of all, and is therefore the recommended method.

To use the tag method, just replace the typical [*tv-name*] style tags with [*#tv-name*] style tags Example: [*#content*] That's all there is to it. The module will take care of the rest.

HTML Method

The HTML method allows you to place the edit links wherever you like while still allowing QuickEdit to show or hide the links based on user permissions.

To use the HTML method, simply insert custom <quickedit> tags wherever you want the links to be. The tags must be in the format <quickedit:content />. Replace content with the name or ID of the template variable you want to edit.

Custom Links Method

This method is for advanced users only. We do not recommend that you use the custom links method but if you have very specific needs it may be the best choice for your situation.

To use the custom links method just insert normal links anywhere in your template. Two example links are provided for you below. If you use this method you must realize that the links are like any other link and will be visible to any user or visitor.

Javascript (recommended): window.open('index.php?a=112&id=[QuickEdit module id]&doc=[*id*]&var=content', 'QuickEditor', 'width=525, height=300, toolbar=0, menubar=0, status=0, alwaysRaised=1, dependent=1');
Link Tag: < href="index.php?a=112&id=[QuickEdit module id]&doc=[*id*]&var=content" target="_blank">Edit</a>

Be sure to replace each [QuickEdit module id] above with the actual numeric id of the QuickEdit module on your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own styles for the links?

Sure. QuickEdit uses the styles in the output.css file in the quick_edit module folder. To apply your own styles just replace the styles in the output.css file with your own styles. If you'd rather store the styles somewhere else you can always just delete the content of output.css and use your own style sheets. QuickEdit uses two style classes to do its styling: QuickEditLink and QuickEditParent. QuickEditLink defines the actual edit link while QuickEditParent defines the styles that are applied to the editable area when you hover over the links.

Why can't I add/publish/delete/move a page?

QuickEdit does not support anything other than simple edits at this point. We are planning on incorporating these and other features in future releases.

The highlight feature is highlighting more than it should.

Try putting the template variable in a span or div. Example: <div>[*#longtitle*]</div>

How do I edit content that's not visible on the page?

You'll have to use the HTML Method or Custom Link Method to create these sort of links.

Can I hide the links from certain users?

Of course, this is done dynamically; just set the permissions on the Template Variables like normal.

Will the edit links get cached?

No they won't. A visitor to the site who hasn't logged in will see a version of the page that should be no different than the way it would look without QuickEdit.

I don't see the links; what am I doing wrong?

Did you follow the Tag method? Give this a try, it is the simplest way to get started.

If the tag method didn't do it, click the Refresh site link from the manager to clear your cache. Cached pages can be an issue if they were cached before installing or enabling the QuickEdit plugin, from that point on the cache shouldn't be an issue.

If you still don't see them then try to login as the admin user. Do you see them? Then your problem is with permissions. QuickEdit permissions can be tricky because there are a lot of things to check. First of all make sure that the user has Edit Documents, Save Documents, and Run Module rights. Then check that he has rights to the page. Then check the users rights to the QuickEdit module and to any Template Variables on the page.

Still no luck? go to the MODx community forums and do a quick search to see if your problem has already been addressed. If you don't find anything then post a new topic in the General Support discussion board.