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WOVO session at IAVCEI 2008, Iceland

We plan WOVO and WOVOdat meetings at IAVCEI 2008 in Iceland (clicking this link opens in a new window).

However we are also excited to announce that, following the success of our one day workshop at the IUGG in Perugia in 2007, we will convene a session on issues of co-operation.  The details are below, and can also be found on the IAVCEI website under Symposium 4. Abstract submissions can be done through the website - the deadline is 1 March 2008.

4-f Local and global co-operation in a volcanic crisis - case studies and lessons learned


A.Tupper, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

W. Marzocchi, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome

G. Mattioli, University of Arkansas

Volcanic crises have always posed local challenges, but the globalisation of communications and increasing international focus on geohazards has also brought new challenges and opportunities. The opportunities include the potential resources available from remote sensing, high profile aid projects, aviation and tsunami warning programs, and increased possibilities from traditional sources such as other volcano observatories and universities. The challenges include giving a clear message to the media amongst the noise, prioritising competing offers of help, and satisfying the demands of local and international groups.

This session will focus on:
- Local challenges in managing volcanic crises
- The current application of the 1999 IAVCEI Subcommittee for Crisis Protocols paper,  "Professional conduct of scientists during volcanic crises"
- The information needs of global users, such as the International Airways Volcano Watch or international tsunami warning systems, and the associated challenges
- Working with the local and global media
- The management of sound working relationships with external partners
- The potential use of global databases such as WOVOdat
- Appropriate and inappropriate aid

Commission: WOVO